For the entire duration of the Mediaeval time, and until the 17th century, the territory of Roccalumera was divided between the two baronies of Savoca and Fiumedinisi. More precisely: the southern area of the town (up to the Piccolo Pagliara River) belonged to Savoca, all the rest, including the villages of Allume and Sciglio were under the political and administrative jurisdiction of Fiumedinisi.

In 1540, King Charles V granted to the Viceroy of Sicily, Don Ferdinando Gonzaga, as a reward for having distinguished himself in the battle of Tunis, the mines near the San Michele forest, then part of the Barony of Fiumedinisi. In the southern part of the country there was (and is) the Torre Sollima or Ficara, inserted in the complex of fortifications to which the castle of Pentefur di Savoca belonged. In 1606, the mines of Ferdinando Gonzaga were purchased by the La Rocca family, who around 1610 obtained permission to populate those lands.